Monday, September 26, 2011

One week

Our beautiful, perfect daughter is one week old today. Time really has gone by fast. I honestly feel like yesterday I was at the hospital giving birth to her. She is so darn special! A quick summary of the birthing story:

Layla was a very active baby in the womb. She probably kicked or punched me 15-20 times an hour. Most babies do about half of that. On Sunday the 18th I didn't feel her move at all for almost 4 hours. That really worried me, so I called my doctor. She said to come in to get put on the monitor to make sure everything was okay. So I went to the hospital at 1145am. Around 1pm two nurses and the doctor came running into my room which freaked me out. Layla's heart rate had significantly dropped, so they moved me and put oxygen on me. Ten minutes later my doc comes back into my room and asks "how do you feel about having a baby today?" I said good. Because her heart rate dropped so low and something else to do with my placenta, they wanted to get her out (I know, I hate that word too). Since I had eaten breakfast at 9 (yes, it was my second breakfast; my first breakfast was at 630) they couldn't induce me until 4pm. So I called Chris, told him to get Josiah to our friend's house and come on up to the hospital to labor with me.
4pm comes, I get induced... blah blah blah, I give birth to Layla at 920am on the 19th. Everything went really well. Chris was an awesome support and coach. I was very aware of everything that was going on, unlike with Josiah when I was basically in a tired stupor. We were released from Baptist on Wednesday morning. My recovery has been great. No problems this time around. I am feeling great and am looking forward to next Monday when I can finally pick Josiah up. Layla was a little jaundice so we've had to go to our doctor's office 3 times since Wednesday. We had to put her in a bili blanket for 24 hours to help reduce it and feed her more than normal to flush out all the bad stuff. She is getting better and not looking as yellow, so we don't have to go back until next Monday for her 2 week check up.
Layla is such a good baby. She cries when she's hungry or naked. Other than that she's happy. She has lots of awake time. Last night she slept great. She ate at 930 and went right to sleep. She woke up at 145am, ate and then fell right back to sleep, then woke up at 6am ate and stayed awake for about an hour. It was awesome. I'm not tired at all, which is weird because I've been tired for about 3 months.  She has been great at breast feeding too! Josiah never took to it which made me feel like a failure as a mother because EVERYONE asks you if you are breast feeding and if you say no they either ask why not or give you this look as though you are letting your child down. I hated that. Anyways, here are a few pics from the week...

Going home!
 Big brother waiting for his sister
 Getting her nap on
This is the best shot we could get with Josiah

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Rach said...

awesome post! I haven't had a time to catch up on blogs for a few weeks. She is beautiful! And I loved reading about the D-day details. And I'm so happy for you that she's breastfeeding. I had a friend who wasn't able to for medical reasons and she always got the worst looks and it completely devastated her. Keep up the great work!