Friday, September 9, 2011

Cloth Diapering

After much research and advice from friends who use cloth diapers, we have decided we're going to cloth diaper Layla.. and use cloth wipes as well. I'm actually very excited about this decision! We've spent roughly $1,000 on diapers and another $200 on wipes for Josiah. And we still have about $200 more to spend before he's fully potty trained. It is literally money down the drain. Money I would much rather spend on clothes or toys for him... or put toward his college fund.
Cloth diapering is not what it was when I was a baby, which is what most people my age think it is because of what their mothers told them. It has been completely revolutionized. We're going with the Bum Genius Elemental One Size Cloth Diapers. NO pre-folds necessary! For those of you who don't know what that means, it means that we won't have to put an insert in the diaper. When she needs a new one we will just put the old one in the laundry and put a new diaper on... exactly what I would do with a disposable diaper. And they have snaps instead of velcro, so they will last WAY longer. And, I've been told, that I will more than likely not have to purchase new ones for any future children we have because these will last that long. Crazy! So for $264.95 I will have all my diaper needs for our children. The cloth wipes are about $1 each, but you only need about 24 because they clean a larger surface area and can hold more than disposable wipes.
Layla will be in daycare part-time, but these cloth diapers are so easy that Gloria (our daycare lady) will happily make the switch for her. All I have to do is purchase a reusable wet bag for $16.50 so she can store the dirty diapers and give the bag to me at the end of the day to wash along with the wipes. And if you have a trash can like I have for Josiah, the trash bags cost $16 for a pack of 2 which last about one month... so again, WAY cheaper.
There you have it... Again, we are excited to cloth diaper Layla and know that it is going to be easy for everyone who has to diaper her.

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Leslie Clay said...

I used cloth diapers with both the boys. It was great!