Monday, January 31, 2011

19 more days

I can't believe that in less than 3 weeks Josiah will be 1 year old! Where has the last year gone?? He has been such an incredible blessing in our life and I am so thankful that God gave him to us. Anyone that meets him falls in love with him, and who could blame him... you've seen how cute he is!! I love watching him play with other babies. He will chase them around, try and bite their feet (my bad influence) and love on them. He can't walk yet, but he sure does love to walk around anything he can. We are starting to give him real food instead of baby food and he has been okay with most of it so far. I'm looking forward to letting him devour his birthday cake! I'll make sure to take lots of pictures of that.

I sure do miss spending every waking hour with him. It has been a really difficult transition for me, but I'm doing it for him. Soon I'll only be working 3 days a week, so I'll have much more time with him. Until then I cherish the weekends we have as a family and am really looking forward to having a week vacation in Austin, Dallas, and Norman at the end of the month.

More pictures and videos to come...

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Monday, January 3, 2011

Like the amazing mother I am, I forgot to take pictures of Josiah on Christmas. Not a single one. Not even a video. His grandparents/aunts/uncles are not going to be happy about that.

In better news, one of my best friends is engaged, which means a trip to Denver this summer. I forgot that my little brother moved to Chicago this summer, from Colorado, which means that I am getting old. Oh, my older brother is now a father of 3! My newest nephew, Robert (Robby) Andrew Reyes was born on December 29. He is absolutely perfect. We will meet him March 1st when we take a trip to Norman, OK after going to my sister-in-laws wedding in Austin. We are super pumped about meeting our nephew and watching our sister get married... and Allison!