Monday, October 6, 2008

Chris and I have started going to a new homegroup in Richardson. It's not that we stopped liking our old one, it's just that, since we will be moving soon we want to see how the start of a new homegroup looks like. How do we decide what to study? Time frame? What does the leadership role look like from the beginning? All we know is that once we do move, we want to find a great church to belong to and after becoming members be leaders in the church. Not meaning on staff or anything, just really involved. We talk a lot about how we are tired of just sitting back and absorbing information. We want to take on a position where we can build up disciples for Christ, and as well be covered in Jesus' dust ourselves! 

I start leading a Bible study tonight with 4 other women. I am so excited. I have never lead a Bible study before so I am praying that I know the right things to say. I just can't wait to pour into other people's lives by spending time with them and getting to really know them. Isn't that what the body of Christ is called to do?