Wednesday, August 24, 2011

September 27

My actual due date is October 4, but since Layla has been head down and fully effaced for 4 weeks, my doc said it's okay to induce a week early. This makes me very happy. Sept 27 would be an awesome day for her to arrive. Chris, Elyse and Naomi were all born on the 27th.  I am, however, not opposed to her arriving earlier than that. I want her to cook until I'm technically full term, 37 weeks (2.6 weeks away), because walking with a head between my legs is getting almost too hard to bear. And you're welcome for the mental image. So if she decides not to come early on her own, I will be a mommy to 2 in 33 days!!

This picture is all you're getting for a "belly shot". Standing and posing isn't my thing at 34 weeks and 105 degrees. Yes, I know I look tired. Layla sucks the life out of me. But that, I, of course, don't mind :)

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Elyse said...

27th - Yay! I love that day!