Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Pork Chops Marsala

We haven't had pork in I can't remember how long, but when I came across this recipe, I had to make it. It was also delicious. The pork chops are hidden under the mushrooms, but I promise they are there. This recipe was relatively easy. The only part that took long was marinating the mushrooms in the Marsala wine. I thought that I could have marinated the chops overnight, but the recipe didn't call for that. And since I'm still very new to cooking, I do not want to deviate from the instructions. Along with the mushrooms are shallots. I have never had a shallot before, or at least I don't think I have, but they taste just like a sweet onion to me. But then again, my taste buds are off due to this pregnancy.

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