Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I'm shamelessly plugging It's a website that sells various household essentials, health and beauty products. I found it because I was sent a 30% off coupon with a purchase. I never pass up a coupon! Especially when it's for something that I need. I'm promoting it because if you spend $39 or more you get free shipping (usually ships in 1-2 business days), their products are about 10-15% cheaper than if you were to purchase the exact same product at a grocery store or CVS/Walgreens type store, and there is NO tax! The Tennessee tax rate is almost 10%, so I figure I am saving at least 20% just by buying their items. What I plan on doing from here on out is purchasing all my household needs (paper towels, kleenex, soap, etc) at the first of the month, for the entire month. That way I won't run out of toilet paper, and more than likely shipping will always be free. The only way I won't do this on a household item is if there is a store coupon and store sale on something I need that will beat the price.
I just wanted to share this information with you. I have been trying hard to figure out couponing, and sites like these make it a little easier and cheaper :)

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