Thursday, July 28, 2011

I was watching A Baby Story this morning, and the woman didn't gain one pound while pregnant. In fact, she lost weight. At 9.5 months, she weighed 112 pounds. That is ridiculous. It made me very jealous. In my dreams I will weigh 112 pounds after Layla gets here.

I don't think I can watch that show again. All the mothers-to-be they follow have family all around them. I hate that we won't be in the same state as our families when I go into labor. If we're lucky, one of our parents will be here when she arrives. I miss my family. This past year has been really difficult on me not having family anywhere near us. I want my kids to have the kind of relationship with their "extended" family as I have with my Aunt Judi. I cannot imagine life without her. I hate that our parents, brothers and sisters have to go months without seeing Josiah. And that we have to go months without seeing them. It really sucks. I don't know how people who live this far away from their family for their entire lives do it. I am so glad we will be moving (hopefully) at the end of next year. This year and next will go by fast, right?

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Rach said...

That is junk. If it makes you feel better....I gained a cool 65+ with my first, and 55+ with my second and third. I say, eat and be merry.

I can't imagine being preggo and living away from family. I am very close to Peter's sisters & mother and they have always been close. You have Skype, right?