Wednesday, January 8, 2014


I finally uploaded all my pictures and videos from my phone to my computer. It had been almost 2 years. Oops. I love watching videos of when my babies were babies. I love babies. I love the sleepless nights, I love trying to figure out why they are crying, I love being one of two people who knows them best in the world, I love watching them discover their fingers and toes. I could go on and on. I am so excited to be Rocky's (I promise we are working on a real name) mama. It took us right at 6 months to get pregnant with him so sometimes it feels like I've been pregnant for over a year and I just can't wait until he's here.
That being said, I am one of the worst pregnant women you will ever meet. This pregnancy in particular has been rough. I was really sick for the first 22 weeks and didn't contribute much to helping around the house. I was extremely tired and made Chris let me sleep in on Saturdays. Then I had about 2 weeks of feeling great, so I went walking (running was a hilarious sight to see, so I stuck with the basics). Then I got the flu which I didn't take medicine for because I am one of those people who like for my body to heal itself. That took a good 2 weeks, which then turned into a sinus infection. Finally, as of 2 days ago, I am 100% better. I was sick for a solid 4 weeks. Miserable.
Rocky has decided to grow a whole bunch this week, and, Lord willing, will continue that for the next 9 weeks. My torso, on the other hand, is mad that it's stretching. I'm 5'4'', and my torso makes up about 7'' of that. I'm not kidding. It's tinier than tiny. In fact when I put both of my hands on my belly, they don't fit. Only 1 1/2 do. So I am feeling every bit of the stretching. I make the most absurd noises when I bend down to pick up anything, tie my shoes, sit on the floor, you name it. Most people ask me (if they are within ear shot) if I'm okay. I just tell them Rocky is in the way. I also maintain a horrible diet. I can't help it. I eat all my fruits and veggies, but I tend to over eat with the not so good food. I have a sweet tooth like you can't imagine and it gets the best of me during pregnancy. But, thank the Lord, Chris doesn't care how fat I get, so I keep eating and having him go on chocolate runs for me.
As soon as I deliver Rocky and get the thumbs up from my doctor I am going to do Shawn T's Focus T 25. That's about all the time I have to commit to working out... 25 minutes. I will make a huge effort to go on walks with kids and ride bikes and spend a lot of time outdoors so that I can exercise in other ways than just videos, but I am really excited to start Focus T 25.
I am so thankful I have a husband who has loved every form my body has taken in the last 6 years. I know there are women out there who can't say that. Sometimes I am convinced that he likes me a little meatier (I won't go into detail as to why because my mother reads this :)). I am truly truly blessed by my family.

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