Thursday, January 9, 2014

Do you have a song?

I have had 2 boyfriends my whole life. I dated others, but can only call 2 of them boyfriends. I remember when I was a young teenager, maybe even still a pre-teen, I would hear how couples had "their song". I didn't really get it. How can a song be a couple's song? I didn't have a song with my first boyfriend, but with Chris we do. The first time we dated back in 2001 (for those of you who didn't know, we dated for about 3 months before his senior year of high school, but then broke up. It wasn't until May of 2006 that we dated again) we were watching The Exorcist (romantic, right?) and the VHS (yes, you read that right) went blank. So we took it out of the tape player and Train was performing "Drops of Jupiter" on the Tonight Show. It was my first time to hear that song and I fell in love with it. After the song was over we got in the car to return the movie to Blockbuster and we turned on the radio and it was playing again. Coincidence? Probably. Well, when we got to Blockbuster their music video was playing on the television. Another coincidence? I think not! We immediately knew that was our song, and it has been ever since. During the 5 years that I pined away for Chris, whenever I wanted to really picture him and me together, I would play that song and go to my happy place. To some that might be creepy, but I just love how a song can take you right back to what you were doing the first time you heard it. And for me, that was cuddling next to my, at the time, boyfriend, happier beyond words. Not long after we started dating again in 2006 I was headed over to his place and "Drops of Jupiter" came on the radio. I knew that would be "our song" forever. If we would have had a first dance at our wedding, it would have been to that song. I hope that every time I hear it, I am reminded of how much I love him (and some of our first kisses) and am so blessed that God brought us back together after 5 years apart.

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