Friday, June 15, 2012


Chris said the most hilarious thing last night when we were driving home from a Rough Riders game. "I regret not wearing socks... why are they so embarrassing?" This might not sound hilarious to you, but let me tell you, I laughed for a good minute at this comment. He's so right! Why are socks so embarrassing? I remember when I was in junior high AND high school we would wear socks that were to mid calf with shorts and be proud of it. Everyone was doing it. Then one day, overnight it seems, it was the very uncool thing to do. Now if even a little of someone's sock shows I think "nerd". Really, Kristine?? Shameful, but true! And the thing of it is, MOST socks show with shoes. There are very few stores that sell "hidden socks", and the ones that do you have to make a special trip to. They don't sell them at Target or most department stores. Why can't we go back to a world where showing your socks was cool? Chris said he will be glad when he reaches 40 and it will be okay for his socks to show because all dads are sock show-ers over the age of 40. Hopefully I can be comfortable wearing converse with my shorts, having a little tiny bit of my socks show. I can dream. I am thankful for posts like these because right now, this is one of my biggest problems.

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