Monday, June 25, 2012

Norman, OK

This past weekend my little family drove up to Norman, OK to visit my brother and his family. It was such an awesome time together!! We got there Friday night at 8pm, just in time to put Layla down and eat some of their dinner. The kids played outside for over an hour since it doesn't get dark until well after 9pm. They had a blast together. Matthew and Naomi's house is gorgeous and their back yard is gigantic. They had a see-saw, a sand box, SEVERAL riding toys, a play house, you name it, they had it. Josiah was in heaven! Our outside toy collection is not one to be desired, but that will definitely change when we get our own place. Our house in Nashville didn't have a fence, as most didn't, and I was uncomfortable playing in the backyard where everyone could see us, not to mention we lived on one of the two main streets in our subdivision. Anyways, Saturday we all got up early and went to the donut store. Josiah just likes to suck the chocolate and sprinkles off the donuts, which I completely understand. Why waste room in your tummy for the actual donut? The rest of the day was spent playing outside on their enormous water slide. And I say enormous. So big that I even could climb up it, about 5 feet, and slide down it into a little pool area. I should have taken pictures, but I didn't want to ruin my camera or phone because the kids were splashing and throwing water every which way possible. Chris was an amazing brother-in-law and re-landscaped their front yard. He spent the entire day doing it. And he asked his loving wife to spray him with sunscreen and I apparently did a horrible job because his back is the color of blood. Ouch. We also went to their community pool and cooled off from being outside, then came home, ordered pizza and put the kids to bed (as you can read, it was a very healthy weekend). We left Sunday morning as the Reyes's headed off to church. I love my niece and nephews so much. And my brother, Matthew, who did I mention is a professor at OU (proud sister), and Naomi were gracious hosts, and I love them very much as well. I am so thankful that they are just a 3 hour car ride away, instead of a 3 hour plane ride. I am very blessed.

 Robby and Layla were already in bed when we took this picture.
 Josiah is completely in love with his cousin Abby
 Josiah and Jacob racing cars before we left

 My mom made Layla this dress and Abby this shirt. So stinking cute!!
Beautiful little girls!

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