Friday, June 15, 2012

Potty Training

To anyone out there who has ever potty trained their child/children I am VERY proud of you. It takes patience, dedication, consistency, patience, love, and did I mention patience? I followed the 3 Day Potty Training e-book to the letter. I wanted to start when Josiah was 22 months old, which the book recommends, but decided to wait until after we moved back to Texas because I thought that might be too many transitions at once. So I waited until he was 27 months old (we moved back just before he turned 2). Several people gave me their unwanted advice and told me that I was crazy for doing it this early and that it wasn't going to work and why did I want to get him out of diapers so soon (seriously, that was a question??). I would say most were not supportive of my decision to potty train at 27 months, but my mom, dad and Chris were behind me 100% and that is what I needed. I needed support so that I would be encouraged too. It's hard work for the child, but equally as hard, in my opinion, for the person doing the training. We were staying at my parents house while we were potty training, so it was important that my parents were behind my decision. And like I said, I would have started potty training at 22 months if we weren't moving back to Texas one month later.
I did exactly what the book is titled, potty trained Josiah in 3 days. I literally did not leave his side, except for his naps and bedtime, for 3 full days. I was actually looking forward to spending 3 full days with Josiah. Chris and my mother took care of Layla so I could focus all my attention on Josiah. The first day he LOVED having me by his side all day long. The second day he LIKED it and the third day he was about done with me, I'm sure wondering why I was being so annoying. But we stuck to the book's rules and by the end of the third day, he was fully potty trained. He got MANY rewards. Dump trucks, fire trucks, trains, cars, stickers, you name it, he got it. But hey, rewards/bribes worked! I was/am so proud of him and still can't believe he is wearing big boy underwear. My little baby is growing up too fast! So, if you're thinking that you can't potty train your child, I am here to tell you that you CAN! If I can, anyone can.

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mrs. rains & family said...

hey friend! i just had a grand time catching up on your life through your blog. :)

i have been debating whether or not to take the plunge (ha! pun not intended) and potty train rylie this summer. she just turned two last week, and i feel like my other options are a) wait until next summer, when she's turning 3, which is not an option, or b) struggle with it through the school-year, while i'm teaching everyday, which is also not an option.

so that leaves me with RIGHT NOW! which, i'm kind of not prepared for... because it's hard, and because it means she's growing up. :-/ i mean, i guess my first clue should have been her 2nd birthday, but you know. :)

anyway... you provided some motivation here... i'd love to chat more about it.

AND. we'd love to get together with you guys... either with our families or on one of those double dates! :)

glad y'all are back in texas!