Saturday, March 3, 2012


Hello my dedicated 10 followers! Life has been so great these past 5 weeks that I've been absent from the blogging world. We successfully moved home and in with the in-laws, started both our new jobs, been on several fun play dates, caught up with dear friends (still haven't seen everyone yet!), gone to Canton twice, been to The Village every Sunday, started the parenting class The Village puts on, reconnected with our old home group, celebrated Josiah's second birthday, been on a few dates, and much much more. We finally feel settled and have Josiah adjusted to our new life here. In Nashville we had play dates every other week with my dear friend Jenn and her daughter Clara (if you're reading this I love you and miss you and Clara!!). Now we have about 2-3 play dates a week.
We also go out in the evenings to friends' houses and enjoy dinner and conversation with the kids running wild. Josiah is definitely not used to coming home after 8. I know that staying out past 8 and having play dates might seem like a normal thing for you all, but it wasn't for us. Nashville was so hard on us. We had a hard time meeting people and making friends we really wanted to invest in, and play dates were more or less out of the question because most people didn't want to drive the 30 minutes to our house, and I didn't think it was fair that they expected us to drive to them every week. I have so missed people actually wanting to spend time with us and not caring about the drive time. I could go on and on about how different life has been here and harp on all the horrible things about life in Nashville, but I won't. I'm just happy we're home now, enjoying time with family and friends and developing deep and meaningful relationships with people.

Here's a video of the day Josiah discovered hand puppets. Chris and I find hand puppets (or puppets in general) very creepy, but Josiah loves them!


Savanna and Mindy said...

you forgot to mention an awesome visit by your sister :) love you and glad you guys are back and happy in Texas!

Leslie Clay said...

When all our kids were little, it seemed to be almost a regular occurance that we would have a potluck dinner at the Munselles, the Clays, the Edwards or the Worleys on Sunday night and throw all the kids to play in one bedroom while the adults visited. Am so glad that you and Chris are continuing in the same vein. I know your families are so very glad to have you all home!

ambero said...

Oh my goodness, his cousin Helen is obsessed with puppets (and socks and oven mitts are totally just as good). Dawn has quite the puppet collection and taught Helen to love puppets at an early age. (I love them, too!) We will have to get them together for a puppetpalooza sometime.