Friday, March 23, 2012

Josiah, my lover

I am thoroughly enjoying my little man right now. Right about the time he turned 2 (just over a month ago) he started putting words together. He started out with "what's that?" and "hold you" and now my favorite sayings of his are "I get you, mommy", which means he either wants to chase me or wants me to be near him, and "I see you, Layla". He loves his sister so very much. He wants to kiss her, hug her, lay in her crib with her, hold her and tickle her. He is never rough with her and is concerned when she's not around. I could not have prayed for the transition from one child to two go any smoother. The only hard part I've come across is being sick, like this week. All I've wanted to do is sleep, but sleep does not come because Josiah is very active and Layla needs my attention quite often. But that's really it. 
Being back home has been so great for Josiah. He LOVES his grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins so much. He now runs up to them whenever he sees them. It's pretty amazing. I love that he knows who they are and wants to hang out with them. 
Don't get me wrong... he has his 2 year old moments, but the sweet, funny, playful moments are more frequent than the opposite. 

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