Tuesday, February 5, 2013

36 days of 2013

January came and went faster than the blink of an eye!! I finished Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred and am now on day 7 of Get Ripped in 30. I have really enjoyed getting my butt kicked every day! There were many days that it was hard to fit in my schedule, but I was determined to do it, so I did. It's true what they say, do something for 21 days and it becomes a habit. Now if I haven't worked out before lunch I feel lazy and actually miss it. On the days that I work I have to wait until after the kids go to bed to get my work out in, but Chris is extremely supportive and encourages me, so that makes it easier and I don't feel guilty neglecting him for 35 minutes. I wouldn't necessarily say I've lost any weight, it has just redistributed to muscle and my pants fit better, and most importantly, I FEEL better. Now if I could only get my love for chocolate under control!
Chris and I are still reading the Bible every day. It's been awesome. We are both learning so many things about some of the main people in the Bible (i.e. Moses and Abraham) and getting to know God's character better. There have been several times when I have gasped out loud at what has happened or thought to myself, what an awesome movie the story of the descendants of Israel (also named Jacob) would make. Getting to read the New Testament at the same time as the Old Testament is pretty cool. Jesus refers to the Pentateuch often so it's getting to the point where I know what he's talking about! Like I said before, it's become a habit and one I will NOT give up!!
School has been going great! Chris took his first Economics test and made a 100!! I was/am very proud of him. I knew he would succeed, and now he knows it too! I have also been doing really well and actually understand what I'm learning. It's interesting how much I care to do well... that was not the case in college!
Layla and Josiah are getting cooler each day! They play incredibly well together and absolutely adore each other! Josiah is really good at puzzles and loves to draw while Layla bolts for the door every time it opens because she loves the outdoors. Have I mentioned her obsession with necklaces and blankets? Because the girl won't go anywhere without either of those. I am beyond blessed with my children and family and am so thankful for them!

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