Monday, September 10, 2012

Busy busy summer

How we spent our summer:

 Met cousin Helen at a weekend getaway to Lost Pines Resort in Bastrop. It has the most amazing lazy river that connected to an awesome pool with a sand volleyball court. We also rode bikes, ate really yummy food and sipped on some super girly drinks!
 Kissed some random dog... j/k. that's Livey, Uncle Carter and Aunt Elyse's dog that I (Josiah) talk about every single day. No exaggeration.
 Had good quality nap time with daddy.
 Pet some donkeys
 Loved on Livey some more
 Chased squirrels
 Went to San Fran to see Aunt Mindy with my mommy, Bebe and Aunt Judi... it was an awesome girls trip that will hopefully become a yearly thing
 Played in the kiddie pool inside as to avoid West Nile virus
 Swam outside in my super cute bathing suit and enjoyed chewing on keys
 Hugged each other a lot
 Ate people food and started to grow my hair out
 Wrapped myself in a blanket, one of my favorite things to do!
 Documented every restaurant we went to in San Fran (this says Naked Sushi on the chopsticks)
 Read books
Worked on my jump shot!

That was our summer in a nut shell! I will blog again next week after Layla turns ONE!!! I can't believe it!

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