Monday, November 7, 2011


Josiah finds it hilarious to put things on his head. Cars, blocks, etc. He especially finds it funny to put pineapples on his head when he's eating lunch. He likes to balance them and then shake them off. Today he was eating oatmeal for breakfast and put the bowl upside down on his head. He maybe had taken one or two bites prior to this, so it was full. I was not paying attention to him at this particular moment, so I couldn't stop it. I also couldn't get mad because it was so hilarious. And besides, when I scold Josiah he laughs at me. He responds to me taking him aside and making him look me in the eyes so I can gently scold him. However, he responds to Chris's "scolding" voice.  Anyways, this picture captures how much oatmeal (with blueberries) he got in his hair. Even this gross he is adorable.

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