Friday, June 17, 2011

Cute quick little story

Yesterday we went to a playdate with some of my friends from my Mom's Group. There were lots of kids, most of them Josiah's age. My friend, Rachel, had her 6 month old with her. Josiah fell in LOVE with him! Rachel held him most of the time, and when we were sitting next to them, Josiah reached for Aeden's face and kissed him over and over again. Then he gently patted his arms. He got a little frustrated when I wouldn't let him hold Aeden. When Rachel was changing Aeden's diaper, Josiah laid on the floor next to him and rubbed his head and kissed him some more. Josiah is going to be the BEST big brother ever! Layla is so lucky!! And so are we to have such an amazing child.

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