Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Another awesome Josiah story

Yesterday we were running errands at an "outside mall". The door to New York and Co was open and was playing loud music. Naturally Josiah walked in the middle of the store and started dancing. I let him do it for a couple of minutes (just so everyone could see how adorable he is!) then we headed down the walkway some more. The next store we went into there were TONS of full length mirrors and loud music. Josiah stood 3 feet in away from one, turned his back to the mirror, then turned his head around and started watching himself dance from behind. This went on for a very long time! It was like no one else was in the store and he was seeing himself for the first time. I am not doing ANY justice to how awesome this was to watch, but let me tell you... I'm going to make it a habit of going into stores with music and full length mirrors in hopes he does this again! Maybe I'll have my camera on me and can capture it.

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