Sunday, March 6, 2011

Josiah's First Words

Yesterday Josiah said his first word (other than mama and dada)... and the winner is PLEASE! He says it when he wants food. I caught some of it on video. Yesterday we had pizza for dinner (Josiah had just had his pasta and green bean dinner), but when he saw us eating pizza he started going crazy, so we made him say please first. Then, for a few times, he would hug me after each bite I gave him. He is just so freaking adorable. Then this morning he said his second word... JUICE! He LOVES juice. If he could, he would drink it all day long. Orange juice is his favorite so far (who can blame him?). He learns more and more each day and is becoming so much fun! I mean, he's always been fun, but now he plays with you back. He's so special!

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