Sunday, March 6, 2011

A few posts to catch you up on life

February 19 Josiah turned 1! We had a Superman themed birthday party (is there any other kind?) with several of our friends and watched as Josiah had his first taste of cake. He had so much fun! He loved all the attention he received and had no problem being the life of the party. He truly is a joy in our life and one of the best blessing we will ever get.

A few things Josiah is up to at one:
  • He's a mover and a shaker. Anytime music is on, he's dancing... whether it be with his head, hands or body, he's always moving. 
  • He LOVES his daddy!! He is quickly becoming a daddy's boy.  When Chris walks in the door from work, it's forget about mommy, daddy's here!! And I promise, it doesn't bother me. I think it's really special and important for Chris and Josiah to bond so early. 
  • You're eating that? Can I try some... NOW?! Josiah has to have what mommy and daddy are eating, no matter what it is. And if we don't give him some, he has a little bit of a freak out.
  • Trucks, trucks and more trucks! Enough said.
  • He HAS to have something in his mouth at all times... toys, blocks, sippy cups... you name it.
  • If your face is within touching distance, he's going to squeeze it and possibly poke your eyes out. On accident of course, but he has to touch it, and we're working on the word gentle. 
  • And my favorite of all, he hugs!!! Whatever he's doing, he'll stop, find mommy or daddy and hug us, for just a second, then return to what he was doing. 

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