Wednesday, December 8, 2010

:::A small note about Kristine:::

On December 13 I will start my new career at Vanderbilt Hospital. I am so excited!!! I will be working on the floor with postpartum moms. After 3 months of working at Vanderbilt I will be eligible to to start working on my nursing degree, again, something I am super excited about! I have never really had a career goal. I just wanted to be a mother. However, children are not cheap; and since we want a baseball team we are both going to need to work. When I was in the hospital with Josiah my experience was so great. I was treated like family and I never felt stressed or overwhelmed. When I got home and really thought about it, I realized that I wanted to work as a nurse with recovering mothers. I have been applying for jobs at Vanderbilt for about 3 months and finally got a connection to one of the hiring managers on the floor I want to work. After being very persistent I got an interview and was hired on the spot. Monday is the beginning of great things for me!!!

A little side note: When Chris and I moved here we didn't think this would be a permanent move. We thought maybe 5 years. However, now we are not planning on leaving Nashville. This is our home, where we had our first child, and where, hopefully, Chris will become a paid songwriter. We do miss being so far away from our parents and siblings, but this is what is best for us and where we want to spend our lives.

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Chanes said...

soooo coool! praying for all the changes and upcoming travels!