Saturday, December 26, 2009


Chris and I were able to celebrate our first and last Christmas by ourselves without any children. It was so fun. Christmas eve we spent recording my parents song, went to our churches eve service, ate some yummy stew then watched The Grinch. Great day!

Christmas day we woke up early and opened presents, skyped with our parents, saw Sherlock Holmes, ate some Chinese food then came home and watched Wolverine. So much fun. It was just so great getting to spend all day with each other enjoying our last 2 months as a twosome.
After the Christmas eve service
This is why my belly is getting so big... too much candy!Chris's new facial hair. He fits in well in our white trash city.


Chanes said...

yall are freaking awesome. sherlock, chinese food, wolverine. freaking awesome.

Blair said...

The candy/belly shot is priceless! Love keeping updated on you guys here. Miss ya, and I'm SO glad your new group will be meeting at the Williams' house! Whoop!

Katie said...

Josiah is so precious! And so are you! Your fears are so completely normal. I was always afraid taking them from the bath to the towel. Slippery little suckers!!