Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Baby M's room

We have also been working hard at putting together our son's nursery. We decided to go with a Superman theme... if you know my husband, you don't have to ask why. We really like what we've done so far. We still have a lot to do, but this is it for now...

My mom made his bumper pad... So friggin cute! We still have to get a mattress, but I think it looks pretty good!!

Chris and I spent about 5 hours one Saturday making these pictures. There are 3 more on the opposite wall. It wouldn't be a Superman room without comic action bubbles!

His little dresser and beautiful photo of Superman flying over Metropolis. The artist is Chris's favorite.

And lastly, the curtains, which my mother made. He is absolutely going to LOVE his room!!


Rose said...

I can't believe your mom made the curtains and the bumper..that's awesome!!!

The Cravens Family said...

Love his room!!! Now just can't wait to meet him! When is the official due date? How have you been feeling? We miss ya'll so much!

Chanes said...

ummm sooo cute. when you disclose the name i need to know cause there's stuff i wanna make for the little guy!