Monday, November 16, 2009

On the Edge

Kristine and I feel we are on the edge of something great. We've been praying the same prayers and fearing the same fears for long enough. We have struggles and questions and joys and answers, but we feel something big on the horizon. We just pray that we stay sane and patient long enough to get there, and to appreciate it when it happens, instead of saying "it's about freaking time!"

Kristine told me to blog about something funny, so I'll lighten this up a bit.

Is it weird to pray for your unborn child to have superpowers? (If your answer is "yes," then we probably aren't very close). Nothing that would effect his appearance (i.e. gills, prehensile tail, green skin), but flight, invulnerability, or super strength. I'm not saying I do pray for this, nor am I denying it.

Follow up question: Would you take the power of flight IF you could then never walk again? You could land on your feet, sit, lay down, etc., but you couldn't run, jog, skip, or walk when you wanted to move. You could only fly, or hover from place to place. Would you?

I would in a freaking second.


Chanes said...

First: two blogs in a week! yes!

Second: i think praying for a photogenic memory would be extremely helpful for his schooling and recall.

Third: Posts like these make me miss you guys!

Alli said...

I love you Chris. You're going to be such a great dad.