Sunday, November 15, 2009

Let's get this straight... there are certain things you can say and certain things you CAN'T say to pregnant women. Let's just say the list of things you can say is way shorter than the list of things you can't. Here is what you CAN say:

You look amazing!
Wow! Pregnancy REALLY agrees with you.
I hope I look as good as you when I'm pregnant.

The end. That's ALL you can say. I will say that this is completely unacceptable: You're ONLY six months along? You're big for six months.

Just thought I would share that advice with you. Chris knows what he can say, and is so great at making me feel beautiful, even though my face keeps getting fatter, day by day.

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the rains family said...

haha! um, i totally agree. :) so, when i was pregnant with emma there was a lady who worked across the hall from our classroom that argued with me every day about two things: a) that i was, in fact, at LEAST a month or 2 farther along than the dr. was telling me, and b) that i MUST be carrying twins... at least.

i only gained 25 pounds... which was 10 less than the max my dr. gave me... i think it just comes with being 5' 4" and having a REALLY short torso... my baby girl had NOWHERE to go, but OUT! :)

just tell people (with love) to shut up. :) I think you're a radiant mommy! :)