Monday, October 26, 2009

Two months is too long...

2 months is a long time to go without posting, so I apologize. Things have been busy around the Munselle household. In September Chris left for a month to be on the Keith Urban tour as the AV tech. I'm sure if any of you read my news feeds on Facebook, you would know how miserable I was without him. 30 days is a long time for someone to be gone... especially if your wife is pregnant. My emotions did not fare well without him here. After the first week we started Skyping and the first few times I cried like a baby. Seriously, it was ridiculous. I honestly could not help it. After that it got better, no more crying! I had a few friends spend the night with me to help with the loneliness, but the last week I could not take it any more and took my home group leaders up on their offer and stayed with them. It was so incredibly nice of them to offer up their home to me and feed me and take care of me, which they did really well. AND it made the last 7 days go by so much faster. Before I knew it he was home.
He had a good time on the road and made a few good friends, met some really nice people, and made great connections. Oh, and did I mention he stood next to Nicole Kidman at several of the shows?! I was a little jealous. He affirmed that she is just as beautiful (and tall) in person as she is on screen. We also decided that he would NEVER leave for that long again. I cannot imagine going through that again. I don't understand how people do that for years and years. It was really hard. I missed everything about him. And I got a glimpse at what my life would be like without him and I hated it. He is my everything, the one I love with all my being. I am so lucky to have him as my husband and the father of my soon to be child!

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