Monday, October 26, 2009


Chris and I drove up to Dallas last week to go to a wedding and visit with friends and family. It was a successful trip! Other than the drive, we had a blast and got to see almost everyone we wanted to! Jason and Jouleen's wedding was beautiful. We are so thrilled that you are husband and wife. My sister, sister-in-law, and best friend threw me a baby shower where I got to see tons of friends and family and our little guy (did I mention we're having a BOY!!) got some great stuff for his new life! We are making a Superman themed nursery (which we already painted his room and are going to hang the awesome curtains today... then we'll post pictures) that Chris, his dad and I are super pumped about! Our last night in town we had a fun Sushi Loco get together and scarfed down some delicious food and had fun spending our last night in Dallas as non-parents with our friends. Yes, that's right... the next time we come to Dallas we will be bringing our son with us. I can't believe I am 5 months pregnant! Time has flown by so fast. Chris and I can't help but talk about how much we can't wait for his arrival and how we hope to raise him to love Jesus and us.
The San Antonio Reyes' came in town for the showers. It was so much fun. I have the best friggin family ever. We tried to spend a lot of time with them. Jacob and Abby are getting so BIG!! They are 2 of the most beautiful, adorable children EVER! Abby is so sweet and loves her little brother and talks all the time. Jacob is a little wiggle worm and I see him as a drummer in the near future. Before Matthew had to go back to SA for work, my sister's friend took some pictures of our family (minus Scott... he currently resides in Colrado and won't be home for who knows how long). So here they are... like I said, Abby is so beautiful and Jacob is so stinking adorable!!


Alli said...

I love my Reyes!

The Cravens Family said...

We can't wait to see pics of Little Boy M's nursery....Allen is so loving the superman theme!!!!