Thursday, April 23, 2009

One week without internet

It's been one week since we have had internet access... but I assume you already guessed that due to the very creative title. It's been really weird without it. I have had so much free time on my hands and not being able to surf the net has truly sucked. It also hasn't helped the job search too much. So, Chris and I decided to drive to campus and use the school's free wi-fi. Awesomeness. I love free things. Which leads to my next segue... come visit us! OK, so it's not completely free... the car ride or plane ride will cost you money, but your stay will be free. AND you get to see us! I haven't made too many friends yet so I will have lots of time to dedicate to you during your stay.

Chris and I tried a church last Sunday and then went to a small group on Tuesday. Not so sure if it's the church for us. But it was close and didn't have the words Church of Christ in it, so we figured we try it out. This Sunday we're going to Crosspoint. It's in Nashville, so it's not too close, but closer than the Village was for sure. We've heard really good things about this church and are really looking forward to it. They say it it "Villagesque" which is good in our books.

Please continue to pray for my job search. It gets discouraging at times. And for Chris and a publishing deal. We'll hopefully hear something this week from the Nashville Songwriters Association. And lastly, pray for us to find a good church that believes what we do and preaches the Truth.

More pictures soon!

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Allison said...

I'll look up plane tickets! Praying for you two beautiful people.