Saturday, March 7, 2009

We're here!!!!

Hey friends! Well, we've made our move... and we absolutely love it here. We've been here 6 days and have already made new friends and are figuring our way around the city. We're staying at an extended stay hotel... it's really gross here, but that's OK, it's only for 2 more weeks. We close on our house on the 20th and are pumped about that! It's just outside of Nashville in a town called La Vergne. I'll post pictures of it after we close, just in case something happens and we don't get it (which is really doubtful, but you never know).

Chris is going to be co-writing next week and I already have some interviews scheduled for next week. Please be praying that I find a job I can start by April and that Chris gets a publishing deal. These last 6 days have also brought Chris and I closer together. We get to spend a lot of extra time together every day and really enjoy it. We know Nashville is where God wants us and are thrilled about the opportunities God will present to us.

We love you... next post is our home!!


Chanes said...

yeah!!! glad you two are settling in well!

the rains family said...

we are so excited for you guys! we'll definitely be praying that God puts you EXACTLY where He wants you to be. it's going to be so fun to see y'all grow and watch chris be able to use the gifts the Lord has blessed him with!

can't wait to see pictures of your new home! enjoy your quality time together - what a sweet blessing! love y'all!

Becky Windle said...

this makes my hear smile. love you both!