Thursday, February 19, 2009

Jacob David Reyes!!!

On February 12 my nephew, Jacob David Reyes, was born. He is the most handsome baby boy ever! I got to stay in San Antonio with them from the 13-18. I had a friggin blast. I got to play with Abby and Jacob. Naomi and Matthew are incredible parents. I hope I can be as fun, flexible, and giving when I become a parent. I love you guys! Here are a few pictures of my beautiful niece and nephew...

Such a beautiful face!

Abby is such an amazing big sister, always making sure he is OK. She calls him sweetie a lot.

I absolutely LOVE holding him!


Chanes said...

that's one gooood loooking baby!

Savanna and Mindy said...

what a beautiful nephew we have! he looks like me.