Thursday, May 16, 2013

Middle names

I don't know who decided that people should have middle names. It must have been started by a mother who, in her infinite wisdom, decided that if you use their full name, the child knows you mean business. If you don't know, both our children have Spanish middle names, as will all our other children. This is because I want there to be some sort of Hispanic heritage associated with them. Probably once or twice a week I have to use their full name to either get their attention or to let them know they are fixing to be in trouble (I know you're thinking there is no way my children misbehave because they look like angels). Yesterday Layla was doing something to annoy Josiah.. surprise surprise. He clearly had had enough and looks at her and says "Layla Amada Munselle, stop it!". It took everything inside of me to not burst out laughing. Not only have I never heard Josiah say his last name before, but I was proud of him for using his words, not his hands (i.e he didn't push her). You probably don't find this funny, but I do and had to share it.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Life is but a zoo

Life with little ones is so freaking awesome. I love how they are always changing. Just when I think I've got them figured out, they do something that contradicts what I thought. Josiah still has just the sweetest heart and is so kind-natured. He genuinely cares about others, even at the ripe old age of 3. Yesterday when I got home from taking a math test I walked through the doors and he was on the couch watching cartoons while Chris was finishing cooking dinner. Josiah looked at me and said "mama, give me a kiss". I nearly melted. I can't count how many times a day I put my hands over my heart and just melt by things they do. Don't get me wrong, he has his moments (several of them) during the day when he acts his age and I have to get stern with him, or as he says "yell at him", but the good WAY out number the bad.
Layla is my little fireball. Her personality is coming through strong at just 19 months old. She will be as happy as can be and smiling and laughing at something, then out of nowhere she will give you a "go to you know where" look that I just think can't be coming from my sweet little angel. She doesn't let anyone boss her around. She puts up a good fight with her brother (and mother and father) when she doesn't want to do something. And she can hold her own. If Josiah starts to wrestle with her, she wrestles back... usually pulling his hair or scratching him, which gets her in a time out fast, but at least she recognizes she doesn't want to be played with that way. I feel sorry for any boy that has a crush on her.

As you may have noticed, I'm one of the worst moms when it comes to picture taking. Usually when they've done something picture worthy or posing wise, by the time I whip my phone out it's too late and the moment has passed. So I try very hard to take mental pictures and hopefully those will last my whole life. But here are some pictures that I did manage to capture.

 This is how Layla normally eats her food... smeared everywhere and in places that are hard to get out
 She's going to be a heart-breaker!
 Daddy and Layla in front of the monkeys at the zoo
 Layla's first finger painting excursion. She didn't really understand that the paint was for paper...
 ...maybe because her brother was not a good example
 Brother and sister playing together
Success on our Easter egg hunt!