Thursday, May 16, 2013

Middle names

I don't know who decided that people should have middle names. It must have been started by a mother who, in her infinite wisdom, decided that if you use their full name, the child knows you mean business. If you don't know, both our children have Spanish middle names, as will all our other children. This is because I want there to be some sort of Hispanic heritage associated with them. Probably once or twice a week I have to use their full name to either get their attention or to let them know they are fixing to be in trouble (I know you're thinking there is no way my children misbehave because they look like angels). Yesterday Layla was doing something to annoy Josiah.. surprise surprise. He clearly had had enough and looks at her and says "Layla Amada Munselle, stop it!". It took everything inside of me to not burst out laughing. Not only have I never heard Josiah say his last name before, but I was proud of him for using his words, not his hands (i.e he didn't push her). You probably don't find this funny, but I do and had to share it.

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