Monday, June 17, 2013

Saturday treasure hunt

I believe, as all wives should, that my husband is the BEST father in the whole world (with the exception of my father, of course :)). We didn't have any plans on Saturday except to hang out by the pool and spend time together as a family. Josiah has really been into Jake and the Neverland Pirates lately. We watch about one episode a day. Honestly, the show is not all that bad. It's fun and Josiah uses his imagination long after the show is over. Yesterday, Father's Day, we went to Sprouts to get some steaks to grill and the entire car ride Josiah pretended like he was Jake, Chris was Cubbie, I was Izzy, and Layla was Skully. Our car was Bucky and we had many obstacles to overcome on the 15 minute ride, including MANY coconuts to fly over using my pixie dust. It was awesome. And at some points, I think Chris and I were having more fun than Josiah. Who doesn't want to relive their childhood adventures?? Anyways, back to Saturday... Josiah and I were just chilling and Chris was at the kitchen table drawing. He then brings over this awesome map that he drew for Josiah to go on a treasure hunt for his squinkies (yes that is a word. they are rubber and Josiah has about 20 of them from Cars). Josiah thought that it was the coolest thing ever, and I was impressed at his drawings, because a donkey could draw a better stick figure than me. That's it. That's the whole story. I just wanted to give a huge shout to my baby daddy! The map is below. BTW... Josiah loved the first treasure hunt so much that he had his daddy draw another map for another treasure hunt.

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