Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A semi-working mama who is also in school's life...

I'm sure you're DYING to know how my life is going... because that's why you read this, right? To keep tabs on me? Wait... But I'll fill you in nonetheless. The first semester of me being back in school is almost to an end. I have 2 weeks left and then I will have a 3 week break before summer school starts. Somehow I have managed to maintain a 97 average in my Biology class and a 95 in my statistics class. I guess I really am learning something! I am pretty proud of myself. I was never really told that I was smart growing up, so I never put too much effort into getting high grades. But since I actually want to succeed in school this time around I am actually studying and really letting the information sink in and not just retain it for a test. Hopefully this will be a pattern for the rest of my higher education (and something I can pass down to my kids). I do miss being with my babies all the time. I have to break mid day on my non-work days to go to class because you can't take any science classes online. I am very grateful to my mother and mother in law as they watch my babies when I'm at school. This summer, however, I am only taking one class and it's not a science class so I won't have to go campus until the Fall. That I am super excited about. I will definitely need some suggestions on what to do during the summer to keep us from getting in a rut and not enjoying all that Dallas has to offer (preferably free or cheap suggestions). I am an absolute dufus when it comes to crafts, so maybe I can work on my craft skills as the kids work on theirs. You might actually mistake a craft I have made for one of Layla's, that's how sub-par my talent is. Since we are in an apartment complex, we are fortunate enough to have a swimming pool right behind our building, so the plan is to spend a lot of time at the pool and teaching my kids how to swim.
I'm still kicking butt with Jillian Michaels and Billy Blanks and now that the weather is awesome, I'm perfecting my running skills too. And just so you get a laugh, I fell the other day because I was trying to change the song on my phone and wasn't paying attention to the sidewalk and tripped over something. I got a few scrapes from it, but nothing too bad, and the worst part of all was that no one was around to witness it. I know that I love a good laugh at other peoples expense (if they haven't really hurt themselves of course), so I was sad no one could laugh at me or tell their friends about the idiot runner who got laid out on the sidewalk. So there you have it. My life in 500 words or less. Thanks and Gig 'Em.

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