Friday, May 6, 2011


We have been busy at the Munselle household. Chris is still hard at work at St. Thomas and I have picked up an extra day at Captain D's. Josiah starts his permanent daycare June 6th, which I am pumped about because I have been pawning him off on my friends for almost 2 months.

Josiah gets cuter and cuter day by day. He still loves to dance to anything, he almost has the hang of running without falling and his vocabulary is growing. He is going to be the BEST big brother EVER!

 Josiah loves to watch Baby Einstein in his Cars chair... if he's not dancing to the music
 I am this cute all the time
 I like to eat paper
 My mommy thinks I look too cute for words in this outfit.
 I LOVE holding stuffed animals... 2 at a time (he's very familiar with Genesis, naturally)
 The beginning of our Easter Egg Hunt in our front yard

My friend, Clara. Her parents taught her to cry whenever naked with a boy... very smart!

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