Monday, October 18, 2010


Josiah is getting so big... and SMART! He hates taking naps. I think he knows there is cooler stuff going on downstairs, and he would rather be where the party is (who can blame him, his mama is REALLY fun). He has figured out how to get out of napping... he poops. I will let him cry for up to 45 minutes before I take him out of his crib and bring him downstairs, but recently he started pooping about 15 minutes into his nap, which I can't let him roll around in, so I take him out, change his diaper then bring him down with me. I probably should put him back in his crib, but I don't. By the time I'm done changing him he's wide awake and too cute to not play with. Little bugger.

He LOVES walking (with our help, of course). Sometimes when we try and sit him on the floor he straight legs it so we can't, and he winds up getting way and we let him walk around the house. It's actually really cute. He is so proud of himself. His mouth is wide open, eyes excited, and squealing. I could be wrong, but I believe as soon as he figures out how to pull himself up, he will go straight to walking.

Yes, I am always this happy!

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Mindy said...

when did he get so big??? He is SO CUTE!!! Love that precious little smile!! :)