Monday, August 17, 2009


My mom and sister visited last weekend. We had a freaking blast! Chris and I showed them around our small town, eating dinner at a yummy, locally owned, grill house. We went into town and had lunch at Fido's (a must when visiting Nashville) and had coffee at Crema... also a must. Of course we went shopping and my mother bought me some very cute maternity clothes. Very nice of her! My sister talked to my belly every chance she could. Didn't matter if we were in public or at home, she wanted Sesame to hear her voice. For those of you that don't know, we are calling the baby sesame until it's born because it was the size of a sesame seed when we found out we were pregnant. I know, we're adorable.

4 of my favorite people are visiting next weekend. The other Reyes clan... Matthew, Naomi, Abby and Jacob. I cannot wait until they get here. I haven't seen Jacob since he was 4 days old. Crazy!! He's so freaking adorable. He looks just like Matthew (and my dad and granddad) when he was a baby. Abby gets more beautiful every time I see a picture of her. We are going to have a blast with them. We will take them to the lake and play in the water and hopefully get a little tan... mainly because I want to see Jacob's rolls and Abby's cute tiny toosh.

There are only 2 things I don't like about living in another state... family and friends are so far away. I can't spontaneously go visit them in San Antonio and trips have to be planned way in advance. So I've decided that everyone needs to move here. That's right... EVERYONE! You will all love it!

Chris and I are visiting Dallas for 2 weeks in October, the only time we'll be there before the baby is born, so make sure you see us! We'll be at Sushi Loco almost every night :)
Gay and Ted (Chris's parents) are visiting us over Labor Day. We are thrilled about that too! It's so much fun showing people where we live and what we do now. I just love family time.

Here are 2 pictures... one from when Mom and Mindy were here and one of my sweet niece and nephew. There will be plenty more when they come visit. I know I won't be able to put the camera down.


Sarah said...

Love sesame. I can't believe it was that small when you found out! I will be at sushi loco for sure to see you. Went by there a few weeks ago and told them I knew the Reyes. They love you all. Add my blog to your list!

Miss you guys a lot!

Chanes said...

i want belly pics!!!