Monday, December 15, 2008

People... by Kristine

People I miss in my life (who, by means of moving to different states, are no longer accessible to hang out with all the time):

1. Allison Cunningham... hilarious, beautiful, Christ follower, learner and leader
2. Matt Howell... gifted, poetic, random, matty matt sax
3. Matthew, Naomi and Abby Reyes... best family a girl could ask for
4. Scott Reyes... dreamer, traveler, explorer, smart, tall skinny monster
5. Sarah Protzman... creative, thoughtful, engaging

People who are new to my life that will have to visit me in Nashville:

1. Erin Chaney... pensive, pursuer of dreams, talented, kind, giving
2. My Bible study girls... thought provoking, encouraging, accountability

I just wanted to throw a shout out to those of you who I miss and love.


Chanes said...

yes! i will totally visit....i'm never been there!! see you thursday :-)

Matthew and Naomi said...

We love you and miss you tons, too! We can't wait for your Christmas visit!

S.M.P. said...

Awe, I miss you too dearie!!!

Allison said...

Awwwww.....I just read this and its been up for almost a month. I feel soooooo special. I miss you too! And I love reading your blog with all your epiphanies. You are amazing and I am so sad that I don't get to be in your life on a daily basis. And I miss scaring you with wet rats in the driveway. :) I am so excited for you and Chris' move to Nashville. I can't wait to visit. Love you both mucho mucho! (P.S.If you find me a man in Nashville maybe I'll move there.)

Savanna and Mindy said...

time for a new post! so you can tell everyone how much you miss me :)