Wednesday, March 23, 2011

And he WALKS!!

Yesterday Josiah decided to walk. He had only taken a few steps a couple of times before that. Chris and I knew he knew how to walk, he just didn't want to. Then when he finally did he was a pro at it! Most babies start off very slowly, but not Josiah. He trips every now and then because he gets going so fast (almost a jog), so we're assuming he'll figure that out soon... Our lives have changed once again :)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Josiah's First Words

Yesterday Josiah said his first word (other than mama and dada)... and the winner is PLEASE! He says it when he wants food. I caught some of it on video. Yesterday we had pizza for dinner (Josiah had just had his pasta and green bean dinner), but when he saw us eating pizza he started going crazy, so we made him say please first. Then, for a few times, he would hug me after each bite I gave him. He is just so freaking adorable. Then this morning he said his second word... JUICE! He LOVES juice. If he could, he would drink it all day long. Orange juice is his favorite so far (who can blame him?). He learns more and more each day and is becoming so much fun! I mean, he's always been fun, but now he plays with you back. He's so special!

Trip to Austin, Dallas and Norman

Elyse (Chris's only sibling) got married in Austin on the 26th, so the 3 of us fly down on the 25th for the Big Event. We had so much fun! All of Chris's family was there and my parents, Aunt and sister came too. They spent time with Josiah while Chris and I participated in all the pre-wedding events. The ceremony was beautiful, the reception was a blast, and seeing family was so refreshing and much needed (pictures of the wedding to come later).

On Sunday we headed to Dallas for 2 days to see friends and spend more time with family. We also go to go to Sushi Loco twice! For those of you who don't know, Sushi Loco is my FAVORITE sushi place anywhere! Since Ping and Bing, the owners, love my family so much they treat us so well and know exactly what to make for pregnant women, which was awesome, because I had been dreaming about Sushi Loco for almost 6 months. We miss our family and friends so much and we were so glad to be home in Dallas, if only for 36 hours. The video below is one of Josiah's new hilarious things he does... I know you will enjoy this as much as I do :)

Tuesday afternoon we headed to Norman, OK to visit my older brother, Matthew, and his family. We had never met our newest nephew, Robby, who was born December 29, so we were so excited to be able to spend a couple of days with them. Again, we had so much fun!! I love my family so much and wish we all lived in the same city.

Great news!!!

I am 11 weeks pregnant... Our newest addition will arrive on September 25 (my little brother's birhtday)!!! Josiah is going to be the best big brother anyone could ask for :)

A few posts to catch you up on life

February 19 Josiah turned 1! We had a Superman themed birthday party (is there any other kind?) with several of our friends and watched as Josiah had his first taste of cake. He had so much fun! He loved all the attention he received and had no problem being the life of the party. He truly is a joy in our life and one of the best blessing we will ever get.

A few things Josiah is up to at one:
  • He's a mover and a shaker. Anytime music is on, he's dancing... whether it be with his head, hands or body, he's always moving. 
  • He LOVES his daddy!! He is quickly becoming a daddy's boy.  When Chris walks in the door from work, it's forget about mommy, daddy's here!! And I promise, it doesn't bother me. I think it's really special and important for Chris and Josiah to bond so early. 
  • You're eating that? Can I try some... NOW?! Josiah has to have what mommy and daddy are eating, no matter what it is. And if we don't give him some, he has a little bit of a freak out.
  • Trucks, trucks and more trucks! Enough said.
  • He HAS to have something in his mouth at all times... toys, blocks, sippy cups... you name it.
  • If your face is within touching distance, he's going to squeeze it and possibly poke your eyes out. On accident of course, but he has to touch it, and we're working on the word gentle. 
  • And my favorite of all, he hugs!!! Whatever he's doing, he'll stop, find mommy or daddy and hug us, for just a second, then return to what he was doing.